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Are Overalls Good for Snowboarding?

Woman snowboarder wearing overall.

Overalls can keep you warm when snowboarding. I say keep it light though. Don’t wear your thick Carhartt work bibs, for example, unless you want to sweat and risk becoming a popsicle when you remove them.

Why Overalls for Cold Weather?

Cold Geeks Writer Karl Johnson says, “Overalls can protect your clothing from becoming damp or dirty if you are outside in the snow or rain. Overalls are good for moderately or extremely cold weather.”

When it’s cold out, you almost can’t go wrong wearing them. I say stick with the bibs type though. Bibs open from the top with straps, so you can relieve yourself in the restroom pretty easily.

What Types of Overalls Are Best for Cold Weather?

TSLA Men's Winter Snow Bibs, Waterproof Insulated Snowboard Overalls, Ripstop Windproof Ski Pants, Winter Ski Snow Overall Black, Large

I personally like bibs that have elastic bands. They stretch like suspenders, so you don’t need to unhook them or hook them back up again when you need to remove them.

On the other hand, I know that you can also adjust the straps on overalls with the hook closure. It’s possible to make them loose enough to slip on and off without having to unhook them.

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Still, there’s always the chance you’ll lose a shoulder when wearing the bibs with the hook closure. That’s why I’m always in favor of stretchy shoulder straps.

Best Overalls to Wear Snowboarding in 2022

I probably should have told you this sooner. They do make pants specifically for snowboarding. However, not all of them are bibs.

My choices for some of the best overalls to wear in 2022 are based on the conveniences, comforts and compartments they provide. I’ll call these the three “C’s,” and it applies to all body types and genders.

1. Arctix Men’s Avalanche Athletic Fit Insulated Bib Overalls

Arctix Men's Avalanche Athletic Fit Insulated Bib Overalls, Fire Pit, Small/30" Inseam

It doesn’t appear to be too difficult to find comfort in the Arctix Overalls. They come in a variety of lengths, including short, medium (regular or standard), and tall.

You won’t have to worry about them dragging on the ground as long as you measure your leg lengths before you buy them.

Special Features

Arctix Bibs come with ThermaLock wind resistance and are waterproof. Your body can still breathe in them though.

You may not need to take a backpack when wearing these bibs. It’s possible to store snacks, first aid kits, and a water bottle in one of the snowpants’ pockets and compartments.

The Arctix Bibs sometimes come in other colors besides black. Pending availability, you might find them in a bright red or navy blue color, for example.

2. Arctix Women’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

Arctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, X-Small/27" Inseam

If you feel more comfortable in women’s style pants, the Arctix brand makes those as well. They offer some of the same roomy pockets, adjustable straps and weatherproofing that the men’s snowboarding pants provide.

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You also can find a multitude of leg length options and sizes. Sometimes they come in both bright and dark colors, such as yellow, red, navy, or blue.

3. Alpine Swiss Men’s Waterproof Snow Pants with Removable Suspenders

Alpine Swiss Mens Waterproof Snow Pants with Removable Suspenders Insulated Winter Snowboarding Ski Pants BLK Small

So far, I’ve only seen them in men’s styles. However, the Alpine Swiss may also come in women’s cuts. If not, look for a similar style from another brand.

They’re waterproof and windproof, and they provide plenty of room for moving about while participating in winter sports.

Even though these snow pants are made for skiing, I like the suspenders. They also provide wide bottoms that would fit easily over your boots.

4. Insulated Stretch Snowboarding Bibs With Zip-Off Suspenders

Insulated Ski Pants Waterproof Men Women 15K Stretch Snowboarding Bibs Zip-Off Suspenders Breathable (Black2, 29.5-31.5W * 31½ L)

These ski and snow pants have cotton insulation built into them. I like the idea of stretch fabric personally. These look snug on the body in the image, but I believe I could easily move in them if I wore them.

My only concern is when there’s too much insulation. It could make you sweat. So, you might want a similar style with less of a lining in them if you could find them.

Why Bibs Instead of Pants for Snowboarding?

Bibs usually have enough room to layer them over other clothing. What’s more, they will provide extra coverage over two-piece outfits that sometimes unfortunately come undone.

What I mean is, it’s sometimes frustrating when the top of a thermal underwear set or tight-fitting shirt comes untucked. When this happens, at least you have the overalls to cover you.

On the other hand, I like the idea of a two-piece snowboarding outfit. Some snow pants that don’t have bibs still fit over the top of your regular pants or thermal underclothes. The suspenders that you would attach to snow pants would hold your bottoms over the top of a tight-fitting top or thermal shirt.

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Both two-piece and one-piece bibs or snowboarding pant sets provide you with weather shielding. They will usually keep you dry when snowboarding because of this.

Why Do I Feel Wet in My Snow Pants?

Snowboarder wearing pink pant on hill top.

I hope you haven’t soiled them — just teasing. It can be a challenge to choose the ideal combinations of fabric when assembling your snowboarding outfit. Too much clothing while active, even in winter, will make you sweat.

It might take you a few tries to get it right, but a few tips could help. I suggest wearing the tightest fitting thermal layer underneath your snow pants possible. If you feel self-conscious about wearing completely tight clothing, you could at least wear tight pants and a looser fitting shirt that’s a little bit longer underneath.

Whether skin tight or slightly loose clothing, your second layer should absorb or wick away moisture as fast as possible. This will prevent sweating.

Make sure your snowboarding pants, by the way, also come in as thin of a material as possible. At the same time, they need to shield the wind. It usually doesn’t take much to stop feeling the effects of chilly breezes outside as long as your snow pants have weather-proofing features.

What Features Do Snowboarding Pants Have?

They almost always have a way to break the wind. They’re like a shelter for your legs. Usually, they also allow just enough breathability to circulate air through them but keep out melting snow and rain.

What Materials Are Snowboarding Pants Made From?

Snowboarding pants, ski pants, and other winter gear typically come in nylon or polyester fabrics. Those materials make it possible for you to move and breathe while staying warm and dry. Nylon also resists ripping and tears.

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