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12 Skis Similar to Bent Chetler 100

Man in neon green skiing on snow.

If you are an advanced skier and take on the slopes regularly, you either own a pair of Atomic bent Chetler 100 skis, or you have come across them when shopping for the right pair. These skis are at the top of their category in the ski industry. They have a great width that allows you to be flexible when skiing and taking on any slope you set your sights on.

The Bent Chetler 100 has a wood core that keeps it light and manages weight as you head down the trail from your mount point. The bent Chetler 100 is designed to handle these different types of slopes because it was designed by world-renowned skier, Chris Benchetler. It does have one of the higher price points, around $600 from most retailers.

If you are not able to get a Bent Chetler 100, there are some substitutes to keep in mind. These below are similar in quality, price, and ideal for advanced skiers taking on the slopes each year.

1. Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica Enforcer 100 Ski Blue/Red, 172cm

Like the Bent Chetler 100, the Nordica Enforcer 100 is another option that advanced skiers choose when they want a pair of skis to take on all types of mountains. It also carries a wood core like the Bent Chetler, as a way to reduce weight and help manage flexibility. They have a sintered graphite base and can handle any mountain range.

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They are lighter than some of the others because of the carbon chassis that replace the traditional glass found on skis. The Nordica Enforcer 100 has been tapered at the tip to reduce the weight and help maintain a level of flexibility out on the slopes. The Nodrica Enforcer is slightly less expensive than the Bent Chetler, but it is still comparable in quality and design.

2. Hoji All Mountain Powder Ski

Close up picture of Hoji All Mountain Powder Ski.

In some areas the Hoji All Mountain Powder Ski can be more expensive than the Bent Chetler. Originally meant for firm snow, the Hoji is able to be used in all mountain ranges and snow types. The last few designs leading up to the 2022 model has seen modifications in the tip and tail height so that skier can easily navigate even the hardest of trails with ease.

Having a ski that is durable, flexible, and lightweight is critical for your success from the mounting point onward. The core is made from Aspen Maple, which is strong wood able to withstand the turns and jumps on the ride. The Hoji comes with a 3-year warranty on the ski pairs and your money back is guaranteed if you are not happy with its performance or find it not meeting the challenges that you see out on the slopes.

3. Nexus Skis 177

A black Nexus Skis 177 isolated on white.

The directional shape on the Nexus Skis is unique compared to the Bent Chetler, but they are also preferred by advanced skiers. One difference about the Nexus 177 is that it can be used for intermediate skiers who have a grasp on slopes and rides. Those who are risk takers and want to take on a true slope challenge with little experience will find the Nexus Skis to be helpful and dependable during the ride.

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The wood core in the Nexus Skis is Karuba wood and the sidewalls have 360-degree ABS like the Bent Chetler. Unlike some of the other models, the Nexus Skis have a metal tail and the main material is quad axial fiberglass for durability purposes. They do usually come in a smaller price point than the Bent Chetler, but they are ideal for almost all mountain ranges.

4. Evolv 100

Liberty 2022 Evolv 100 Men's Skis (186)

Like the Bent Chetler, the Evolv 100 has a flat tail and a wood core, although the Evolv is made from Bamboo for sturdiness. Bamboo is known to bend and manage pressure, which makes it a great option as a wood core. The Evolv 100 is also designed for advanced skiers like the Bent Chetler, but it does perform better in powder snow.

This is the biggest difference between it and the Bent Chetler, which can manage firm snow successfully. The Evolv 100 offers a lightweight option and one that is currently a reduced price point compared to the Bent Chetler for last year’s models. The new models will be equitable to the Bent Chetlers new prices.

5. Blizzard Brahma 82

2023 Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis (166)

If you are looking for a smooth ride down the slopes, with premium skis that are reduced cost, then the Blizzard Brahma 82 might be the right call for you. Like the Bent Chetler, the Blizzard Brahma is meant for advanced skiers who know how to move and manipulate the skis on some of the toughest trails. These skis are more narrow than the Bent Chetler or some of the others on this list, but for some skiers, narrow is better.

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The core of the Blizzard Brahma can be purchased either with a poplar-beech wood core or a carbon flip core technology which is innovative and new to the ski industry. Both of these options are meant to provide a light and easy ride as they take on the slopes. With a dual layer of titania and anti-shock layer, landings with the Blizzard Brahma are as smooth as those with the Bent Chetler.

6. Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100

A 3d picture of Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100 on white background.

Like the Bent Chetler 10, the Black Diamond Boundary Pro 100 is meant for the ski experts and comes with a 100 mm waist. Many skiers do not prefer a ski that is too narrow, so this moderate waist is ideal, allowing them to balance and find that groove while out on the snow. The wood core is durable and made from poplar wood.

It is designed to be used equally between hard snow and soft snow, so you can really use it anywhere and any time. This allows those skiers who want to take on challenging rides to perform successfully while out on the slopes. Because of the solid core that the Black Diamond Boundary Pro has, it can maintain stability and balance when traveling on hard snow, jumping rocks and slides that you may come upon during your ride.

It has a similar price point to the Bent Chetler 100 and is one of the closest substitutes on the market.

7. Icelantic Nomad 105

A photo of Icelantic Nomad 105with beautiful design on white background.

A little wider than the Bent Chetler 100, the Icelantic Nomad 105 is recommended for skiers that need a wider ski when traveling and trying to balance. While many advanced skiers use these on the snow, some of the intermediate skiers find them to be beneficial in their learning and building their flexibility while out on the snow. Those who are interested in skiing on both powder snow and firm snow need a pair of skis that will manage the ride.

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The profile of this ski is the camber and rocker, which many skiers prefer. The core is a wood core, made of paulownia and poplar wood. These options are durable wood options that can manage the environment and maintain steadiness while skiing. These skis are also lightweight, only weighing under 9 lbs total.

8. Volkl Mantra 102

Volkl 2022 Mantra 102 Skis (177)

This tip and tail rocker is one of the more popular competitors when it comes to the Bent Chetler 100. It has a camber shape in the middle, but tip and tail rocker which is becoming popular among younger intermediate to advanced skiers. While it does have a wood core like the Bent Chetler, it comes with several layers so that the wood can manage the turns and curves, while sustaining the cold and dampness of the snow.

The wood used is beech wood and poplar wood. The sidewalls of the Volkl Mantra 103 is full sidewalls so that the force applied to the ski during the ride is direct and it can manage. These statistics are making the Volkl Mantra 102 popular along the slopes, both with soft snow and firm snow.

Even some of the more challenging rides are seeing these skis more frequently. the price of the Volkl Mantra 102 is similar to the Bent Chetler 100 and is a great substitute if you prefer moderate skis.

9. Black Crows Nocta Skis

A photo of Black Crows Nocta Skis in black stripes design on white background.

Some of the wider ski options, the Black Crows Nocta Skis can match the durability of the Bent Chetler 100. However, they are a bit wider and have a partial sidewall for those who are advanced but still want to depend more on the ski. Some intermediate skiers have been taking advantage of the Black Crows Nocta Skis in recent years because of the smooth ride they provide when they take on the slopes.

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While they can be used in all types of snow, they do have the best performance in softer snow and slopes that have a gradual downhill ride. They are a full-rocker set of skis for those who do not want or need a camber shape in their skis. They are more affordable than the Bent Chetlers and make a good substitution for the softer snow rides that you plan to take.

10. Rossignol BlackOps Sender FreeRide

2021 Rossignol Black OPS Sender Skis w/Look SPX 12 Bindings (164)

Like the Bent Chetler 100s, the Rossignol BlackOps skis are moderate to wide for their skiers and preferred by advanced skiers. There are two radius options to choose from with these skis, either 16cm or 18cm. This radius depends on the length of the ski and the type of turns you prefer to take with them.

You can expect to have moderate control of your speed with the 16cm radius and even more control if you opt for the 18cm. The core is a wood blend, with composite wood and paulownia wood so that it maintains sturdiness and durability while out on the slopes. The profile of the Rossignol is a camber ski, as well as the tail and tip rocker for those that prefer that design.

Compared to the Bent Chetler, the Rossignol BlackOps is almost the same in price. Because it is great for a freeride option, it makes an excellent substitute for the Bent Chetler if you are an advanced skier.

11. Switch All-Mountain Freeride

Switch All-Mountain Freeride in close up photo.

Take on any ride when you opt for the Switch All-Mountain Freeride skis. These skis can manage through any challenging trail, cutting through the trees, taking on rocky terrain beneath the snow, and hit the sides as hard as you want as head downhill. The core of this ski is solid Aspen and Maple wood, some of the strongest wood found in North America.

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Pairing it with carbon fiber allows it to be one of the lightest pairs of skis out on the slopes, as well. You have a 19 cm turn radius on these skis and make some of the tightest turns on the slopes. When it comes to quality and price, the Switch All-Mountain Freeride is probably the closest in comparison to the Bent Chetler 100s. They do have a moderate waist like the Bent Chetlers, also.

12. MSP 107 Skis

A photo of MSP 107 Skis on white background.

Meant only for advanced skiers, the MSP 107 skis give you the stability and ability to take on some of the toughest terrains in the winter months. The waist is moderate at 107 cm, which is an ideal option as you move through the different trails, hit hard turns, and navigate through trees heading down the slopes. Because of the tetanal laminate design, you can manage your speed through the range as you come across uneven and rugged surfaces.

They will perform well in soft snow and groomed trails, but they can also keep that same energy as you hit some of the most challenging slopes in all mountain ranges. They are similar to the Bent Chetler 100s in both price and quality. The wood core on the MSP 107 is made from poplar wood to manage the firm conditions.

This ski is 175cm in length and has a desired 19cm radius for your desired turns. When you purchase these skis as a substitute, you get a 3-year warranty with them should they not perform in these areas as they are advertised.

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