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11 Skis Similar to the Black Pearl Blizzard

Skier skiing downhill in high mountains in fresh powder snow.

When it comes to women’s skis, there is one that is one of the most popular options because of the design and radius. The Black Pearl Blizzard is one of the widest skis available for women. This feature has made skiing for those who are most adventurous easier and a lot of fun. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced skier, you can benefit from the Black Pearl Blizzard and improve your personal skills.

The core of the ski is made from both beech and poplar wood, which allows it to bend and remain strong as you move down the slope. The Black Pearl Blizzard ranges around $450 to $500 for a pair, depending on the model.

These skis are ideal for all snow types, both soft and firm. If you are not able to get your feet in the Black Pearl Blizzard skis, there are some other options to keep in mind below that will help you with your game and work as great alternatives.

1. Nordica Santa Ana

2023 Nordica Santa Ana 88 (151CM)


One of the best skis on the market you can get in place of the Black Pearl Blizzard is the Nordica Santa Ana. With a smoother rocker at both the tail and tip, it is ideal for all mountains and can maintain stability while you are out on the slopes. It is a set of lightweight skis that have a shaped tabored and ABS plastic in the tip for weight reduction.

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The core of the Nordica Santa Ana is layered with both wood and a sheet of metal to maintain balance once you kick off. There are ABS sidewalls on these skis which can help you maneuver them easier, especially as you travel through wooded areas.

You can choose these skis in either 151 cm, 158 cm, and 165 cm to fit your height and preference. The price of the Nordica Santa Ana is about $100 more than the Black Pearl Blizzard, but it does have similar quality.

2. Atomic Maven

Atomic Maven 86 C Skis Womens Sz 153cm Blue

If you are on a budget and want a better price without sacrificing quality, then the Atomic Malvern may be the right skis for you. They come in 153 cm, 161 cm, and 169 cm sizes to accommodate your needs.

The blue and black patterns on these skis almost make it look like you are riding on the water as you come down the slope. They are roughly $100 cheaper than the Black Pearl Blizzard and are just a little more narrow. These skis are also all mountain rockers, with 70 percent of it being in the camber and more on the tip.

The core of these skis is really lightweight, with poplar wood as the center. It allows the skis to absorb any shock and damage that can happen when coming down on jumps. There is also a fiberglass layer to protect the skin from excessive damage and prolong its life.

3. Switch Freeride

Blizzard Men's Rustler 10 Freeride All-Mountain Lightweight Skis, Blue, 180 cm

One of the most expensive skis in its class, the Switch Freeride is often purchased only by those who are advanced and ride often. This is mainly because of the price of the skis and the need to justify the cost. They are almost twice the price of the Black Pearl Blizzard, but they do not hold back at all in the design and materials.

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This ski comes in 177 cm, making it easy to navigate, bend and turn at all parts of the course. It is meant for freestyle skiing but can also accommodate all mountain ranges, as well.

Head through the trees on the slope or take the turns on your way down, the Switch Freeride is able to adjust and accommodate. The Freeride has been an award-winning ski over the last couple of years, so it can manage the slopes you are looking at.

4. Volkl Kenja

Volkl 2022 Kenja 88 Women's Skis w/Tyrolia Attack2 11 GW Bindings (163)

Compared to the Black Pearl Blizzard, the Volkl Kenja offers another option for wide skis for women who desire that feature the most. They come in 149 cm, 156 cm, and 163 options so that skiers of all heights are able to be accommodated. The Volkl Kenja was designed to head through the trees and give you the ability to snow surf all the way through until you found your way out on the other side.

The Kenja has a 3D radius sidecut so that you can work your way out and down the slope safely with options to be as versatile as you need. The core of these skis is wood, but they are multilayered between poplar and beech wood to give your skis the ability to handle a brutal hit and not shatter.

The frame of these skis is also a tetanal frame so that you can manage your stability while on the course. When it comes to price the Volkl Kenja and Black Pearl Blizzard are the same.

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5. Line Skis Pandora

The Line Skis Pandora 104 women's isolated in a white background.

A more affordable option to the Black Pearl Blizzard is the Line Skis Pandora. These skis are a little more affordable, averaging around $350. Women who want to pursue all-mountain and are intermediate to advanced find these skis to help them build on their skills before upgrading to something like the Black Pearl Blizzard.

There is an early rise rocket to this ski, which is why it is good for all mountains but not for freeride skiing. The core of this board is complete Aspen wood, which means it is durable and can withstand steady exposure to the elements in the environment.

If you decide to purchase these skis, keep in mind that the tip is thinner than the Black Pearl Blizzard. When you purchase these skis, you can expect a two-year warranty on them, and they will last a few years before you need to make an upgrade to the next skis.

6. Faction Dictator

Faction Skis Dictator 1.0X


You will not miss these skis when out on the slopes, as the Faction Dictator comes in a bright hot pink color and 171 cm. It is a little cheaper than the Black Pearl Blizzard, but it seems to be a wide option, just not as much. If you want to change the color, you can choose from bright or pastel colors to fit your preference.

These skis can handle the beating that comes from frozen over snow that is firm and hard. They also do well with soft snow, but you may find yourself gliding more than you expect. The sidecut on these skis is an elliptical shape so that the radius can fan out longer, allowing you to move and adjust yourself faster and safer.

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The entire core of this ski is wood, specifically poplar wood. This is meant to not only block the pain from a fall but also keep the moisture and damage from the environment out of your skis. These skis are ideal for experts because of the short-turning radios and skill level required to manage the flat tail type. You can get a warranty on these skis which lasts for two years.

7. Black Crows Captis Birdie

Black Crows Captis Birdie Ski - 2022 - Women's One Color, 164cm

If you are looking for skis that are similar in price to the Black Pearl Blizzard skis, then the Black Crows Captis Birdie is a viable option for you to keep in mind. It is 171 cm and is ideal for those that are intermediate and just getting an understanding of skiing.

This is a great option to get before you upgrade to the Black Pearl Blizzard, so you are able to understand your footing and take advantage of the medium flex found on these skis.

The sidecut is a tight sidecut, so you can learn how to turn and when to turn, making it easy and change direction in a second. The core of the Black Crows Captis Birdie is poplar wood, and they are designed for all-mountain ranges.

8. Atomic Cloud

Atomic Cloud 11 EZY3 White 161

Probably one of the most affordable options on the list, the Atomic Cloud skis are under $300 unlike others, and especially much cheaper than the Black Pearl Blizzard. Those who are on a budget and not skiing every weekend find it ideal to choose a cheaper ski for practical purposes.

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If you do not have the ability to invest a lot of time into skiing or just simply need to maintain a budget, this is a good alternative. However, you can choose these in 149 cm and 156 cm to fit your preference. The rockers on these skis are also a little different because they are piste rockers with only a 10 percent tip and a completely flat tail.

The core on these skis is also not made of wood like other options. It is made from desolate which will minimize vibrations when you jump and turn, helping to make your skiing easy. It will not be completely smooth, since you need a wood core to reduce the impact of jumps. The base of these skis is atomic so that they can manage all snow types and keep the skis steady and secure.

9. Volkl Blaze

Volkl 2022 Blaze 94 Mens Skis (179)

The Volkl Blaze skis are a direct competitor to the Black Pearl Blizzards. They are designed for both all-mountain and alpine touring when out on the slopes. Riders who purchase these skis have a goal in mind to take on specific trails and make sure they conquer them.

Those with a moderate ability level find these skis to work best because the tetanal power laminate strengthens the ski in case you start to hesitate and need to gather your strength while maintaining a smooth ride. There is a full sidewall on the Volkl Blaze so that you can power through, epically when navigating trees on an alpine tour.

There is a two-year warranty available with these skis, so you can plan to upgrade after you have spent some time learning and adjusting your skills over the years. The Volkl Blaze is available in 151 cm, 158 cm, 165 cm, and 172 cm, which is longer that the Black Pearl Blizzard.

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10. Salomon QST Lumen

Salomon QST Lumen 99 Womens Skis Light Grey 2128/Pink 153

Priced higher than the Black Pearl Blizzard, the Salomon QST Lumen is an excellent alternative if you are an expert skier and have the ability to master the slopes in a variety of terrain options. These skis can handle both firm and soft snow, but they did have the all-mountain trails in mind.

If you want to go through the backcountry or alpine touring, this may not be the right pair of skis. There is a short turning radius, so make sure you are prepared for that when it is time to turn.

In the core, you have a tip-to-tail piece of poplar wood that can bounce back and manage all snow types for your safety. It also has the ability to reduce the shock that comes with jumps and quick turns so that you are not thrown off your game while heading down.

11. Rossignol Nova

Rossignol Nova 8 CA Womens Skis 163 W/Xpress 11 GW Bindings White Sparkle

If you are looking for a ski that is built for turns, the Rossignol Nova is designed specifically for carving trails where you spend a lot of time turning and adjusting down the course. A little more expensive than the Black Pearl Blizzard, this is meant as an option if you have an interest in carving skiing.

There is an oversize sidecut on these skis so that they can make the cuts and turns. As with most good skis, there is poplar wood centered to maintain buoyancy and manage any unwanted shocks while skiing. There is a layer of tetanal construction to reduce the damage from the snow, and dampness and keep the skis from warping too soon.

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The sidewalls for these skis are minicabs to aid you with your turns. These skis come highly ranked and have been seen by several professional skiers as their preferred carving tracks that they take on. If you are planning on spending a lot of time out on courses like that, then you should consider making an investment in the Rossignol Nova as a good alternative to the Black Pearl Blizzard.