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14 Skis Similar to Volkl Mantra

Upper angle of a man skiing on thick snow, splashing.

When you buy a Volk Mantra, you know exactly what you’re going to get: a ski that’s trustworthy and hefty, and the carving on it is an incredible blast. It requires focus and solid basics, but you can trust it to carry you quickly on groomers and through sludge, slop, or any other conditions you could encounter. Volk Mantra has lots of energy from turn to turn, but somehow it challenges you to ramp things up before it truly comes to life.

This means that the ski may be seen as being unduly demanding and not the most fun by certain individuals. If you are looking for other skis similar to the Volk Mantra, here are some options to consider.

1. Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica 2022 Enforcer 104 Free Men's Skis with Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Bindings (172)

The Nordica Enforcer 100 consistently ranks among the best skis in the all-mountain category year after year. Smaller and lighter skiers may have a difficult time controlling this ski since it has a propensity to run off on you if you find yourself in the backseat.

The Enforcer 100 is not the most accommodating ski and demands solid basics and a commitment to ski hard to unleash its full potential. Despite this, it is the finest choice for experienced and expert skiers who are searching for a single ski that can conquer the whole mountain on all but the deepest of days.

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2. Armada Declivity 92 Ti

Armada Declivity 92 Ti Ski Mens 164cm

The Armada Declivity 92 Ti is simple enough for intermediate skiers to use, but it also provides enough power for advanced skiers who want to test their abilities to the fullest. It is agile and dynamic in turns with a small to medium radius, and it is glad to travel into softer snow. This makes it a platform that is dependable on which to tour the entire mountain. The immediate response of the Declivity 92 Ti to the skier’s input is made possible by Armada’s EST All Mountain Rocker profile, which blends the rocker with a tapered side cut in the tip and tail of the ski.

3. Blizzard Rustler 9

Blizzard Rustler 10 Ski - 2023 Blue/Anthracite, 172cm

This incredible ski’s strength and stability are increased by Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. (Dynamic Release Technology) design. This design instills confidence while carving turns across diverse terrain. Because of this, strong, confident skiers will find the Rustler 9 to be exciting, but intermediate skiers who are just beginning to test their boundaries will find it to be approachable. Despite its narrower waist of 94 millimeters, this ski likes to have the freedom to wander.

According to many who have tested it, it isn’t the ideal choice for closer trees or bumps since the ski may be a bit too demanding, particularly when the snow is changeable. Having said that, it is an excellent option for the active frontside skier who likes to dabble in more adventurous terrain sometimes but places a higher priority on edge grip and stability than it does on playfulness.

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4. Scott Pure Mission

A pair of Scott Pure Mission ski isolated on a whote background.

The Scott Pure Mission is the ideal tool for the task, whether you want to carve longer turns on hardpack or blast through chunder off-piste. It can do all of these things with ease. It can keep its lightweight yet has a sufficient torsional rigidity to give an edge grip on harder snow because of its construction, which incorporates both paulownia and beech wood, as well as a combination of titanium and carbon fiber.

As you cruise down the fall line, whether on or off-piste, you can give it a nudge into high gear and it will respond. Because it is neither the most sensitive nor the fastest to transition from edge to edge, you will need to make sure that you have adequate space to let the ski run. The Pure Mission is an excellent ski for skilled skiers since it is neither too easy nor too difficult in terms of Crud Performance, Hard-Snow Integrity, or Stability at Speed.

5. Stöckli Stormrider 95

2023 Stockli Stormrider 102 Skis (173)

As soon as you lay eyes on the Stockli Stormrider 95, you are immediately aware of its skiing characteristics. Skiing exquisite turns over the fall line on-piste and playing off-piste when circumstances allow, all while riding on the trademark brushed-Titanal top sheet, sends a message that you are an accomplished skier who values the better things in life.

Even if the ski has a lighter core as well as a freeride build that minimizes the weight in the tip, you will still need to put in some time at the gym and make sure that your technical abilities are up to par for your legs to be able to keep up, particularly when you are riding off-trail. If you’re on a pair of Stormriders, you probably aren’t looking for a ski that is quick and playful over the whole mountain, and you already know that the top sheet reveals this.

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6. Atomic Maverick 100 Ti 188cm 21/22

2022 Atomic Maverick 100 Ti Mens Skis with Tyrolia Attack2 14 Bindings | Sizes 172cm 180cm 188cm (172)

The Atomic Maverick 100 Ti weighs in at a little over 1800 grams per ski, making it the lightest of the four skis that were evaluated and compared. It boasts one of the longest setbacks, the highest tip, lengthy front, and rear rockers, and a 6mm camber, which is a very modest camber. In addition to this, the remarkable degree of torsional stiffness is something that stands out. It is indeed more rigid than both the Volkl Mantra 102 and the M6.

When you look more closely at the flex profile, you’ll see that the front portion of the Mantra is substantially more rigid than the rest of the vehicle. Because of its rigid front region, the Mantra will give the impression that it is gripping the road very quickly.

7. Black Crows Camox 186,5cm 21/22

Black Crows Camox Birdie Ski - 2022 - Women's One Color, 162cm

It is quite evident that the Black Crows Camox is the ski that has the least amount of stiffness. This is the case regardless of whether you’re checking at the Ski Flex Average Pattern or the Ski Flex Profiles. There is one other important feature that sticks out, and that is the camber. This has a wider waist than the majority of slalom skis, measuring 17 millimeters. In addition, in contrast to the previous models, the Camox incorporates sorter rockers on both the front and rear.

Therefore, even though this ski has a sidecut that is comparable to that of the Mantra, it is extremely different. The flex data implies that this ski will be an excellent progression ski that provides a high level of stability on groomed terrain. It will quickly adjust to new circumstances, forgive mistakes, and have a more lighthearted vibe than the Mantra. However, you shouldn’t anticipate the same level of edge grip as the Mantra, and it could be less suited for skiing on soft snow.

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8. Elan Ripstick 106 188cm 21/22

Elan Ripstick 106 Black Edition Ski - 2022 Black/Dig Camo, 180cm

The flex pattern of the Ripstick, which is used by Elan, is in some ways the polar opposite of that of the Mantra. It has the lowest torsional stiffness compared to the other options, but it has the greatest bending stiffness. When compared to the other skis on this list, this one is capable of handling a greater amount of speed.

The remainder of the camber, setback, as well as rockers, are extremely identical to the Mantra, including the virtually flat camber and the bigger setback. It will demand less technical expertise and feel more fun than the Mantra, although it will give a touchless edge grip. The major difference between the two is the flex pattern.

9. Rossignol Blackops Sender Ti 187cm 21/22

Rossignol Blackops Sender TI Mens Skis 194cm

The flex of the Rossignol Blackops Sender Ti is extremely comparable to that of the Elan Ripstick, which means that it is the opposite of the flex of the Mantra. On the other hand, it has a lower bending rigidity than the Ripstick, which gives it a more nuanced appearance. It has a smaller amount of setback in comparison to the Ripstick.

I’d put the Blackops Sender Ti somewhere in the middle between the Black Crows Camox and the Elan Ripstick in terms of its performance. It is a ski that will be simple to learn to use and will provide a high level of stability. Although it is shorter than the Mantra, the front rocker is still significantly longer than both the Ripstick and the Camox.

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In comparison to the Ripstick and the Camox, this will make the handling of snow and terrain with varying degrees of difficulty much simpler. Although it is shorter than the Camox, the back rocker is not quite as short as the Camox. Therefore, additional support in the back is advantageous while skiing.

10. Salomon QST 106

Salomon QST 106 Oil Green/Orange 181cm Skis Men's 2022

Wide and playful, the QST 106 from Salomon is a freeride design that is evolving into a ski that adores powder. Salomon has been a leader in the market for the previous number of generations, and with the latest model, the company aimed to improve the stability of the product while preserving its great flotation and fun character. They were successful in doing this by rounding off the sidecut to make the turn-in more predictable, stiffening up the construction by weaving additional carbon into the mesh laminate, and inserting cork into the tip to make the dampening more effective. The QST 106 is deserving of your serious consideration if your typical resort days consist of searching for hidden caches and free refills. Even on the days with the thickest snow, Salomon’s super-wide QST 118 ski boot floats very well.

11. Line Sick Day 88

2022 Line Sick Day 94 Skis w/Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Bindings (186)

Although it’s not exactly breaking news that decent all-mountain skis may set you back a pretty penny, there are still plenty of options that are a good deal. Line’s Sick Day 88 is an excellent solution that is kind to one’s wallet and is hundreds of dollars lower than the ones that have been shown thus far. The complete Sick Day range had a refresh a few years ago, but the all-mountain-friendly 88 was the model that attracted our attention the most.

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Although the proportions are optimized for usage on groomed runs, this is a good choice for all-mountain riding since it has a lot of tip rockers as well as enough flex to be fun in a wide variety of terrain. In addition, because of the construction’s softer nature, it is an option worth considering for developing novices who want to steer clear of an excessively inexpensive entry-level design.

The ski is not designed to go too far out on an edge, and it will not be as pleasant when used on snow that is hard and harsh. At full speed, you may also have problems with tip flap and clatter. However, because of its ability to handle soft snow, its lightweight feel, and its emphasis on having fun, it ranks high on our list. The price tag of $400 puts the icing on the cake.

12. Rossignol Experience 78 Ca w/Xpress 10 Bindings

Rossignol Experience 78 Carbon Womens Skis 154 W/Xpress 10 Bindings Black Sparkle

This ski is a great alternative for beginners. Skis used by beginners are not tuned in the same way as those used by experts. For starters, it is essential to have a more narrow construction that is simple to control on a hardpack that has been groomed and cut up. Additionally, a structure that is both soft and lightweight, and that is willing to turn even with just modest input, considerably enhances the odds of making progress during the early days of skiing. The procedure may be made much easier by purchasing a deal that includes a set of dependable bindings already connected to the box.

In general, its construction is quite comfortable for users and sufficient for usage throughout the season on green and blue runs. Additionally, the connected Look bindings are a quality pair that has been tested extensively. The fact that you won’t outgrow them as fast as you would with a pair of full-on entry-level, as well as noodly skis, is one of the things that we find most tempting about the Rossis. Having said that, those who learn quickly or who want to go out and about a lot would still benefit more from purchasing a higher-end design, such as the Sick Day or the Blizzard Rustler that was discussed before.

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13. Blizzard Bonafide 97 

Blizzard Men's Bonafide 97 All-Mountain Off-Trail Stiff Skis, Black/Red, 177 cm

The Bonafide from Blizzard has been popular amongst intermediate as well as expert all-mountain skiers for a long time, and the design of the ski underwent a considerable rethinking during the winter of 2017–2018. Changes were made to everything from the ski’s composite wood core to the flex pattern and proportions, but the ski still performs well, as we discovered.

The Bonafide has a ton of power available thanks to the use of solid beech wood underneath and two sheets of aluminum. However, there are strips of lighter poplar in the tip and tail that help to soften the build-up significantly, making it a bit less grabby and simpler to release from a turn. This ski indeed performs best when used by an experienced pilot; yet, in general, it is less taxing on the user and easier to navigate than its widely used predecessor.

The 2022 Bonafide has a price tag of $750, which is $50 higher than the price of its key rivals, such as the Volkl M6 and the Salomon Stance. Despite this, for the costly price, you do receive quite an amount of personalization, along with a flex pattern that varies by width. Scaling up gives you more stiffness while sizing down gives you performance that is softer and simpler to handle.

14. Dynastar M-Pro 99

2023 Dynastar M-Pro 99 Open Ski (186)

The original Dynastar Legend X had a design that was met with some resistance from consumers, but the contemporary M-Pro 99 takes direct shot at the core all-mountain and freeride market. The M-Pro maintains some of the Legend X’s agile sensation while adding a fair dose of edge grip and strength.

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The key to this improvement in performance is found in their one-of-a-kind hybrid core, which depends significantly on polyurethane for wetness and stability (it covers a huge proportion of the outside edges), and it covers a large portion of the product. The M-Pro is still simple to handle in confined spaces and at lesser speeds; nevertheless, it is now more competent in a wider variety of snow conditions.

Although it has been improved, the M-Pro 99 still has significant shortcomings that restrict its usefulness for skilled skiers. There is a possibility that the ski may fall short for riders who are unwilling to ease off the power. On the other hand, it is a very good choice for intermediate riders who are making rapid advancements as well as advanced riders who aren’t constantly going full speed forward. To put it another way, the M-Pro fits in rather well with a significant chunk of the all-mountain market.