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39 Different Types of Ski Accessories – The Ultimate List

Going skiing is on your bucket list and you have decided that now is the time. Before you book that vacation at the popular ski resort, however, you need to take time to make sure you are completely covered in the way of both ski equipment and accessories.

Take the time to review this extensive list of things that can make your ski experience one you will fondly remember for years to come.

The Basics

1. Skis

Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Skis Mens Sz 192cm Multicolor

This is the most obvious item on the list. When choosing skis, you may want to consult with a professional for your first pair. You want ones that are a good fit for your height, and have the ability to work well when going downhill and when walking.

Find ones that aren’t too heavy and are made of easy-to-maintain material that won’t have you spending more time in maintenance than on the slopes.

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2. Ski Poles

VGEBY Hiking Pole Basket, Ski Pole Snowflake Disk Basket Hiking Stick Accessory for Outdoor Walking Trekking Climbing

Ski poles need to be light, yet sturdy. You want ones that are designed to give you a good grip with your hands and also can grip well in a number of snow and ice conditions.

Make sure you pick a length that fits well with your height. Don’t look for fancy when choosing a quality ski pole, look for one that is a comfortable fit and can add safety to your experience.

3. Goggles

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles OTG Design for Men & Women with Spherical Detachable Lens UV Protection Anti-Fog

A great pair of ski goggles is a must. The bright sun, combined with the white snow, can not only be blinding but can also cause damage to your eyes.

Look for goggles that have built-in anti-fog technology, UV protection, and impact-resistant lenses for those times when you aren’t quite as graceful as you’d like to be.

Keeping the glare off your eyes isn’t the only purpose of this item. The snow flying into your eyes can also cause discomfort and damage. These protect you from snow and other flying debris.

4. Boots

FREE SOLDIER Mens Snow Boots Warm Fleece Lining Winter Ski Shoes Waterproof Insulated Booties(Black,7)

A sturdy pair of ski boots is a must-have accessory. You want to find ones that provide traction on and off the skis.

You also want to look for lighter-weight boots that provide insulation and are water and snow-proof. The ideal pair will also be easy to put on and lace and will allow you to use them in a variety of situations.

5. Helmet

MONATA Ski Helmet, Multi Snow Sport Helmets Unisex-Adult Lightweight Outdoor Snowboard Helmet

Accidents happen and skiing often comes with its share of falls, especially when you are new to the sport. A helmet is one safety accessory you don’t want to skimp on. It should be lightweight, impact resistant, and adjustable so it fits snugly without binding.

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A good helmet will allow you to wear goggles. Ideal helmets also come with a warm lining and ear protectors to keep your ears warm and cozy.

6. Coat

FREE SOLDIER Men's Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Fleece Lined Warm Winter Rain Jacket with Hood Fully Taped Seams(Charcoal Gray,S)

Ski coats come in so many styles and colors that it is easy to find one that suits your taste and needs. At the bare minimum, you want one that fits without hindering movement, is lined for warmth and is wind and water-proof.

Having a detachable hood is a bonus as it allows you to adjust for situations that include use off the slopes. You also want to look for one that is made of breathable material. Pockets are always a bonus, especially if they have zippers!

7. Ski Bindings

Tyrolia Attack2 11GW Bindings, Solid Black, 90mm

Your ski bindings can make the difference between making it safely down the hill or losing a ski halfway down, resulting in a fall and possibly broken bones.

Find bindings that are easily attached to the skis and are adaptable to fit snugly on over your boots. Quick release is an added safety feature in case you get caught up on something and need to remove your skis quickly.

8. Ski Carrier

Sukoa Ski & Pole Carrier Straps – Shoulder Sling with Cushioned Holder Protects from Scratches – Downhill Skiing Backcountry Gear Ski Accessories for Men and Women

Having a convenient way to carry your skis and poles is a must. A good strap will provide relief for your back, keep your equipment secure, and be comfortable to use.

These straps will allow you to have use of your hands and will help prevent damage to your skis. It can then be rolled up and stored when not being used, preventing the need for a lot of additional space.

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9. Ski Tune Kit

Demon ds7700.3 Complete Tune Kit with Stomp Pad

A pleasant skiing experience begins with skis that are in the best possible shape. There is nothing more frustrating than getting settled in to tune your skis for your next adventure and not being able to find everything you need.

That problem can be solved with a handy tuning kit that includes anything you could possibly require, all located in a handy tote that keeps them from falling out or getting lost.

10. Ski Wax

ZUMWax RUB ON Wax Ski/Snowboard - Warm Temperature - 70 Gram - Incredibly Fast!!! Excellent Spring Wax!!!

Keeping your skis properly waxed can make a big difference in both the smoothness of your descent and the protection of the ski surface.

While you want to do a thorough waxing, it comes in handy to have a portable tube of wax for those times when a full waxing isn’t possible. Find a tube that is quick and easy to apply and won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack.

11. Anti-fog Spray

Brightn Optic Defogger Anti-Fog Spray for Glasses, Goggles, Snorkeling Masks, Binoculars, Scopes, Lenses, Face Shields, and Humid Conditions - Glass Defogger for Any Optic Material or Surface - (15ml)

You know very well how frustrating it can be to try and see through glasses or goggles that are steamed up.

A good anti-fog spray will allow you to keep seeing clearly throughout the day on the slopes. Anti-fog spray also works on camera lenses and phone screens, so you are ready to use either in cold weather.

Keeping Warm/Comfortable

12. Ski Socks

Men Women Heated Socks with Rechargeable Battery Winter Warm Thermal Socks for Cold Feet Skiing Motorcycling Riding Thick Thermo Battery Powered Electric Socks

When your feet are cold, it becomes difficult to feel warm anywhere. Your feet are close to the snow and need to be kept warm and toasty.

Heated ski socks are a must-have for anyone with feet that get cold easily and they will keep you feeling comfortable for a long day on the slopes or just socializing out in the cold. Finding a pair that is rechargeable is priceless.

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13. Hat

Carhartt Men's Knit Cuffed Beanie, Heather Grey, One Size

A simple beanie will help keep your head and ears warm. One that fits nicely under a helmet and can be rolled up at the brim so you can wear goggles is also nice.

Pick one that you can wear alone when not on the slopes and simply going about your daily errands or socializing for added value.

14. Neck Warmer

Turtle Fur Double-Layer Neck Warmer, Chelonia 150 Fleece, Charcoal

If you don’t like the idea of a full face mask, a neck warmer might be a better option for you. They are designed to cover your neck and chest, protecting them from the cold and weather.

Look for one that is windproof and that will dry quickly. You will also want to make sure it is snug against your neck and chest but doesn’t bind, cutting off breathing.

15. Ski Pants

Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants Outdoor Hiking Fleece Lined Zipper Bottom Leg (180Grey, 32W x 32L)

Ski pants need to be light and non-binding but they also need to give you protection from the cold and the wet.

Find a pair that allows you to move freely, is easy to put on, and will stay up even after hours of wear. You won’t want to need a belt as that can feel restricting.  Most ski pants are also made to protect you from the wind.

16. Glove Liners

MCTi Glove Liner Touch Screen Lightweight for Winter Running Texting

Glove liners are excellent for adding warmth when you don’t want or have a hand warmer. They are designed to be light and they help whisk away moisture as well as regulate your normal body temperature so you have complete control of your hands.

Finding ones made of silk will allow you to get a smooth fit that doesn’t feel too restricting under your gloves.

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17. Sock Liners

Realtree Men's Lightweight Liner Boot Socks 2 Pack, Black, X-Large (Two-Pair Pack), 2/579-Black-Xlarge

Your feet are the quickest body part to feel the cold. Sock liners are light and made to give an added layer of protection to this delicate body part.

You want ones that come up to at least mid-calf, although knee-length is also a good option. Look for ones that help whisk away moisture and offer breathability.

18. Snow Bib

Arctix Women's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, Large

Layering is the ultimate way to stay warm. Yet, too many layers can become cumbersome when you want freedom of movement.

Insulated ski bibs are lightweight, add much-needed insulation to keep you warmer, and are perfect over your other clothing and under your coat. These come in many styles and colors so they are not only functional but also fashionable.

19. Padded Protection Pants

Soared 3D Protection Hip Butt EVA Paded Short Pants Protective Gear Guard Impact Pad Ski Ice Skating Snowboard Black S

These may look a bit out of place, but falling on your rear numerous times as you perfect your skill can cause damage to your hips and tailbone.

Find a protector that will give you plenty of padding without feeling cumbersome. Breathable fabric and an adjustable fit all come together to make for comfort and protection.

20. Ski Mask

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hydropull Hood (Black, OSFM)

Sometimes the weather makes a simple hat still not enough protection. A lightweight ski mask that will cover your head and ears, as well as your face, can help prevent chafing from the wind and snow.

You want one that will make breathing easy, stays warm, and dries quickly. A versatile mask that can be worn as a hat, face mask, neck warmer or any combination of such is perfect. It also helps if you can wear the mask with a helmet and goggles without being uncomfortable.

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21. Gloves

Ski & Snow Gloves - Waterproof & Windproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Men & Women for Cold Weather Skiing & Snowboarding - With Wrist Leashes, Nylon Shell, Thermal Insulation & Synthetic Leather Palm

Gloves are a must for all skiers. Finding a pair that is thin enough not to make gripping the poles difficult is important. Having ones that will allow you to use your phone without having to remove them is an added bonus.

It also doesn’t hurt to have loops for leashing them to your coat attached so you don’t find yourself losing one along the way. After all, we all have lost one glove of a pair many times since childhood.

Fun Things to Have

22. Go-Pro

GoPro HERO8 Black E-Commerce Packaging - Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos Live Streaming Stabilization

What could be more fun than sharing your skiing adventure with others? While a Go-Pro isn’t anywhere near necessary, it gives others the experience of being right there with you as you fly down the mountain on your skis.

This handy camera is portable and weatherproof, so you won’t miss the chance of reliving your experience many times over–from the warmth of your home.

23. Snowproof Phone Case

Galaxy S7 Edge Case, PUNKcase Metallic Red w/Shockproof Dirt-Proof Snow-Proof Slim Metal Cover Armor Case Samsung S7 Edge

Your phone needs protection when you are out on the slopes. Investing in a good case that is both waterproof and cold-proof will ensure your phone is ready for use should you need it.

The case is an excellent investment when you consider the price of a new phone. You can accidentally drop your phone in the snow and still know you are connected.

24. Face Cream

Warm Skin All Weather Guard - Barrier Cream for Skin, Great Cold Weather Protection and Personal Care Aid for Enhanced Circulation

The wind, sun, and cold all play havoc with your skin, leaving it chapped and burning. Using a face cream designed to protect against this harshness will help you avoid irritation and overly dried skin after being out in the weather all day.

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25. Badger Balm

Badger - Hardworking Hands Healing Balm, Aloe Vera & Wintergreen, Working Hand Balm, Balm, for Dry Hands, Hand Moisturizer Balm, Certified Organic Hand Balm, Hand Repair Balm, 2 oz (2 Pack)

Dry, chapped hands are no joke. This hand balm adds a layer of protection to help you avoid cracked skin on your hands. There is actually a whole line of products that you might find helpful, such as foot cream, sore muscle relief, and sleep balm. All of these could come in handy during your ski trip.

26. Backpack

YCD-FLOCW Ski Boot Bag Backpack, 50L Large Capacity Water-Resistant Padded Ski Travel Bag & Snowboard Boot Bag for Ski Boots, Helmet, Goggles, Clothes, Gloves, Snowboard Gear (Black)

having a way to carry your essentials while not adding weight that can ruin your fun is important. A lightweight backpack that allows you to carry extra clothing, snacks, emergency equipment, and even extra boots will be something you want to consider.

Being a backpack, the weight can be distributed to prevent pain and your hands are free to do what you need to do.

27. USB Charger

2-Pack Miady 10000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger, Fast Charging Power Bank with USB C Input, Backup Charger for iPhone X, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3 and etc …

With so many devices needing charging these days, having a portable charging bank is almost a necessity. Find one that fits in your pack easily and is rated for colder weather conditions. If it has the ability to charge multiple devices at once, that is a big plus.

28. Ski Roof Rack

Rhino-Rack 13" Multi-Purpose Carrier for Skis, Snowboards, Fishing Rods, Skateboards, Kayak Paddles, Water Skis, etc Universal Mounting, Easy to Use, Locking, Lightweight & Heavy Duty for All Vehicles

Getting your skis to your destination can be difficult unless you have some way to carry them in your vehicle. Sticking them out the windows isn’t practical, but a roof rack is perfect.

With the right ski rack holder, you not only have a way to transport your skis safely, but you also have a handy carrier for your fishing poles in the summer. A system that installs easily and is easily opened without removing your gloves is an added bonus.

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29. Ski Storage Rack

Ultrawall Ski Wall Rack, 5 Pairs of Snowboard Rack Wall Mount, Home and Garage Skiing Storage Mount Hold up to 300lbs

This is one for home. When not in use, you will need a place to keep your skis so they don’t become damaged and are ready for your next adventure.

Skis can take up a lot of space but if you use a ski storage rack that attaches easily to the wall of your garage, you will be able to keep them out of your way, safe from damage, and ready when you next need them.

30. Hand Warmer

KARECEL Rechargeable Hand Warmers, Electric Hand Warmer 5200mAh Powerbank Reusable Handwarmers, Portable USB Hand Warmer Heater Battery Pocket Warmer, Best Gifts for Men and Women in Cold Winter

While an electric handwarmer isn’t a necessity, cold fingers can make you miserable. A unit that charges easily and is small enough to fit in your backpack or pocket is great to have. If the handwarmer is also an emergency backup power supply, it is even better.

Look for one that has different heat settings and safety features that will allow it to shut off quickly if it overheats. It also helps if the shape is comfortable in your hands.

31. Sunglasses

ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses UV Protection for Women Men Cycling Sunglasses

When you are at the ski resort, or anywhere enjoying the snow, you won’t always want to wear goggles. The sun relectiing off the snow, however, can cause damage to sensitive eye tissue.

A good pair of sunglasses that can protect you from harmful UV rays is a must. Choose a style that is not only safe but fits your style and personality.

32. Water Bottle

Hydrapak Stow - Collapsible Water Bottle - (500ml/17oz) - Ultralight & Packable Travel Bottle, Squeeze Bag Pouch, Easy Open Cap, BPA Free - Mammoth Grey

You will need to stay hydrated while out on the slopes. Having a cumbersome water bottle isn’t practical but a collapsible one will be easy to keep in your backpack or around your waist on a bottle holder.

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Once it is empty, you can easily make it small enough so it doesn’t take up unnecessary room or weigh you down.

33. Headphones

Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Headphones- HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready Ski/Snowboard Helmet - 3 Button Glove Friendly Controls Microphone for Hands Free Calls, White/Blue

What can make your ski trip even better? Listening to your favorite tunes as you fly down the slopes! You want headphones that won’t totally block out your surroundings, but they also must provide a crisp, clear sound.

Finding Bluetooth-capable speakers that also do more is always a bonus. This beanie keeps your head warm, keeps the headphones firmly in position, and is made strong enough to withstand the cold weather. The included microphone allows you to take phone calls while active.

34. Foot Warmer

Snailax 3-in-1 Foot Warmer & Back Massager and Foot Massager with Heat, Foot Heater with Vibration Massage and 2 Settings Heat, Feet Warmers Massager for Foot,Leg,Back Relief…

Skiing puts your feet through a lot of work. At the end of the day, having a heated foot massager handy will help you relax and give your feet the needed attention to make them feel rested.

This may not seem like a necessity, but years from now, your feet will thank you for taking the time to give them that extra pampering at the end of a cold day on the slopes.

35. Satellite Texter (Bivystik)

ACR Bivy Stick 2-Way Satellite Messenger Survival Kit

You won’t always be in a place where you have phone service. Having a way to communicate, especially in an emergency situation, can make a difference to surviving. A Bivystik is designed as not only a communicator that works on satellite, but it is also a GPS tracker.

The emergency kit also comes with an emergency light, whistle, and mirror for signaling. Help them find you when you can’t get to them.

36. Tuning Stand

HappyNorwegian Mr.Grippy Ski Tuning Stand

It can get awkward trying to manage skis while you wax them or sharpen the edges. A tuning stand that can keep the skis in the perfect position for either is a wonderful addition to your accessories.

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Having one that allows for a variety of ski sizes and the ability to work on both skis at the same time will allow you more time to enjoy the actual act of skiing. It will also save you wear and tear on your back.

After Ski Accessories

37. Clothesline

Portable Clothesline with 12 Clothespins, Junvaia Windproof Travel Clothesline for Outdoor Travel Gadgets, Indoor Laundry Drying, Stretchy Retractable Clothes line for Backyard, Vacation Hotel

You may not always have access to a dryer and it can be difficult to find a place to hang your wet clothes when you come in for the day. A portable clothesline that has attached clips is perfect.

You can find lines that have ends that easily clip over a towel or shower bar. Your clothes won’t be left to gather mildew and odor and will be ready to wear again or pack for a trip back home.

38. Massager

Boseen Hand Held Massager for Muscle Back Neck Joint Foot Shoulder Leg Pain Relief - Palm Shaped Massage Glove Full Body Massage Tool with Roller Ball Massager Essential Oils with Portable Design Blue

After a day on the slopes, your muscles are bound to feel the strain. A hot bath and a massage will do wonders in enabling you to get a good night’s sleep and get back out there in the morning.

Find one that is small and designed for areas such as your back and neck. If it is usable with essential healing oils, you will wonder why you never used one simply to relax at the end of a hard day.

39. Boot Dryer

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer, Orange

After a long day skiing, your boots or shoes can become soaked. Leaving them to dry on their own creates issues such as mildew that makes them smell badly. It can also mean they are still wet the next morning.

A good boot dryer will allow you to dry your boots safely and quickly so you are ready for your next outing, be it that evening or the next morning. This is portable, making it great to have in your car.

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