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Can You Wear a Belt With Snowboarding Pants? Ski Pants?

Skier's back wearing purple pants on slope.

Wearing a belt when  snowboarding seems like an odd thing to do. Why would you want to do that? What I didn’t realize is that some types of snowboarding pants may require a belt.

Reasons for a Belt with Snowboard Pants

A discussion on Reddit shows that wearing a belt with snowboard pants is somewhat uncharted territory. It’s not controversial, but it’s a topic that leaves room for discussion.

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After seeing the conversation I saw online, I don’t feel bad not knowing until now that people do wear belts with snowboard pants. Not everyone would expect that, as someone else asked the same question I would ask – Is it normal to wear a belt with snowboard pants?

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“I use an old boot lace so it is a little stretchy and doesn’t hurt when I fall,” says Reddit user “JustRelax2.”

Another user, David_Z, in the same Reddit conversation reported wearing a belt. This person’s reason is to make sure the pants “fit big.” That makes sense to me because people usually wear boots when snowboarding, so they do need bigger-fitting pants.

Of course, you also need room for underclothing layers and thermal wear. That’s why I typically do buy winter outerwear and gear at least half a size bigger than me.

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I needed a belt, but wearing too big pants may require it for some people, even when layering.

Aside from being assured your pants won’t fall down, belts can serve one more purpose. They keep the draft out from your waistline, so you won’t get cold.

After Further Review: Your Snowboard Belting Options

Belts often make us feel more secure. We can hold them over our belly, which for me is what I want. That’s because I sometimes self-conscious about that area of my body.

You have a few options to choose from if you want to keep your pants on while snowboarding.

Knowing what I learned just now about wearing belts with snowboarding pants, I feel inspired. Now, I have some ideas of my own about what to wear while on a snowboard.

1. Minimal Belt Hardware

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Just in case you fall, try a belt with as little hardware on it as possible. For instance, you’ll find both men’s and women’s fabric belts that just have maybe one piece of metal for the buckle.

2. Snug But Not Tight

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Venus Vine Writer “Kristin” says, “In order to get the most out of your pants, you should be able to fit them around your waist.”

This contributor also mentions using a belt to achieve this snugness.

“If you want to have a comfortable fit and complete freedom of movement, you can wear a good ski-belt,” Kristin says.

I agree with Kristin, but don’t tighten your belt too much. That would defeat the purpose of wearing snow pants in the first place. If you want to wear constricting clothes, you might as well just wear denim pants instead of the ones made for snowboarding or other winter sports.

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Kristin does offer an alternative to wearing a belt. What other choice do we have?

3. Suspenders Instead of a Belt

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Some snow pants come with suspenders already attached to them. Those are probably the most comfortable because you won’t have to contend with clips, snaps or other closures. Oftentimes, suspenders are sewn in permanently.

If you don’t want to risk injury by metal clips, you might instead use the suspenders with button holes. The problem is, I haven’t seen many ski, snowboard or sledding pants that do have the buttons in places where you can attach suspenders, so you’re limited there.

Suspenders with metal or plastic clips are much more common. You might also find some that have ties on the ends, which you can attach to snow pants that do have belt loops.

4. Snowboard Pants With Built-In Belt

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Part of the reason people add a belt is because the built-in belt on some snowboard pants doesn’t seem to help. Before you ask why they don’t just choose pants that fit around their waist, remember. Some people prefer to wear their snowboarding pants loose.

Even when layering other pants underneath the snow ones, the pants may still not stay up. That’s where seeking alternatives come in. For instance, using the rope or string and not just relying on a built-in belt works for some people.

5. Drawstring Pants

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If you find a pair of drawstring snowboarding pants, you’re lucky. Most of them have button flies or elastic waists. Otherwise, they’re held up by suspenders. An alternative is to wear some summer drawstring pants made of similar materials as snowboarding pants.

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Can I wear a leather belt when snowboarding?

You can, but it may not bring you as much comfort and safety as a fabric belt.

Can I use a string as a belt?

If it’s thick enough for you to untie when you want to remove your snowboarding pants, go for it. String, whether it be standard shoe or heavy duty boot laces, long ribbons or rope, yard or another…you need to be able to remove it. Otherwise, you’d have to cut it off.

Do snowboarding pants ever come with a belt?

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If you mean an unattached belt as a set, you might find them. They’re not that common, however. Usually, the belt comes strung around the snowboarding pants.

What about overalls for snowboarding?

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Indeed, overalls are indeed a viable option for snowboarding. It’s best to choose the ones made with waterproof and windproof fabric, however. Bibs and suspender style overalls are made out of similar materials as the pants.

What materials are snowboarding belts made of?

You can find them made of cotton, polyester or canvas. Some might also be made from polyurethane rope. Any string or belt made from plastic materials will stay dryer than cotton or canvas. However, the cotton or canvas belts may stay tied longer because they’re not as “slippery.”