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Do Heated Socks Work for Skiing? Snowboarding?

Skier wearing heated socks.

The truth about heated socks has been revealed and it’s going to blow your mind! Heated socks work like magic on the slopes and they are definitely the best accessory you can have on the mountain this winter!

Did you know that skiing and snowboarding in cold weather can lead to injuries such as frostbite, frozen toes, and even hypothermia? A lot of skiers and snowboarders don’t wear proper clothing to stay warm during their outdoor adventures, especially when it comes to footwear.

Do Heated Socks Work For Snowboarding Also?

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I have personally experienced cold feet while snowboarding, which has made riding less enjoyable than it should be. Luckily, I discovered an incredible solution: heated socks! With a pair of new batteries heating my feet while snowboarding, I am back to having fun again!

Are They Worth It?

The main benefit of wearing them is their ability to keep your feet warm. This is especially useful when skiing or snowboarding, as cold toes can cause a lot of discomfort throughout your body, but once you get used to wearing them it’s hard to go back.

On top of keeping your feet warm, heated socks can also help reduce fatigue in your calves and lower legs by allowing blood flow to circulate freely throughout. This helps you move better on slopes, or perform in any sport that requires a lot of repetitive movement.

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You can even use them while lounging around indoors during those cold months if you want that “feet in front of a fireplace feeling” without having to spark up an actual fire.

Are They Safe?

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They are completely safe to use. No chance of electric shock, you do not have to worry about anything bad happening.

There is also no risk of fire or burning in your shoes since it’s actually an electrical component (the heating element) that is sewn into a sock, so you are never directly exposed to the electricity itself. I’ve never heard of anyone that got shocked or burned by them.

How Long Do They Last?

Most of these types of battery-operated devices have rechargeable batteries that can typically last between 2-5 hours. This time varies, however, depending on factors like how much you use them, what temperature they are at while in use, and so on.

Can You Wash Them?

Man's hand washing socks on tub.

Absolutely! Heated socks will survive a wash in the machine without any problems. Remember to remove the battery pack first though. If you forget to take it out, it will be destroyed.

One other note: do not use fabric softener or bleach. These chemicals can cause damage to some of the components within your heated socks.

If you want to keep your socks smelling fresh between uses, we recommend washing them after every 2-3 uses to ensure they stay clean and free from bacteria that could cause odor problems down the road.

How Do They Work?

The fabric of heated socks is woven with very small carbon wires that produce heat when an electrical current is passed through them. This works a bit like a light bulb in reverse—instead of the wires being made to glow, they are made to emit heat.

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Heated socks are intended to warm your feet without adding any bulk that might get in the way of your boots or skis. They’re typically not much larger than standard toe warmers and are worn inside ski or snowboard boots just like traditional insulation products.

What Material Are They Made Of?

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They’re made of three layers: a thick wool sock (the part that goes on your foot), a cotton liner that is woven with carbon, and a thinner spandex sock that covers.

The three layers are worn together to add cushioning, insulation, and extra warmth without adding too much bulk. Together they help your feet stay warm while you’re out enjoying winter sports.

Best Way to Choose Heated Ski Socks

This section will briefly outline some important aspects to consider when purchasing heated ski socks.

Heat Level

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To combat low temperatures, different heat socks have different heat levels depending on the application. As such, each sock offers different features depending on your needs.

For example, some are intended to add warmth and improve blood circulation when sitting around; others are best used as sport socks in cold conditions, while still others can be incorporated into everyday wear for added comfort. The level of warmth you’re looking for will dictate which type of sock is best suited to your activity.

Consider the Heat Area

Some socks are designed to target certain areas of the foot, like the toes or the ankles. If you have particularly cold toes, look for that kind of sock as it will likely be warmer than your average pair.

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Another consideration is how big an area you need to warm. Some socks are only focused on the toes, while others may cover the ankles as well; if you’re worried about keeping your feet extra warm, consider socks that target your whole foot.

Heated sock companies make a range of different products to suit all kinds of needs. You can find battery-powered socks with control panels built into them or add-on heating pads that clip onto existing socks—but whatever you do, be sure to choose a product with a wide heating range so it can heat up both large and small areas evenly.

Battery Life

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You want to make sure that you choose a heated sock that has a battery life that will last long enough for your time out on the slopes. Most heated socks will say how long they last on their packaging.

You also want to be sure you have enough spare batteries in case your battery life does not last as long as expected. If you only plan to be out for an hour or two, you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on a sock with a substantial battery life. If you’re the type that likes to ski all day, it would be a good idea to invest in a sock with a long battery life.


You have to consider which socks will give you the right amount of warmth. Some socks are more suitable than others depending on the weather conditions in which you’re skiing or snowboarding. If it is just a chilly day, then a thin pair of heat socks will suffice until your feet start getting numb from the chill.

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In very cold weather, wearing a thicker pair of heated socks will keep your feet warm longer. If you do not wear insulated ski boots or snowboard boots, it might help to wear heavier heated socks or boot liners.


Unlike many bulky electric gloves or mittens, heated socks provide the wearer with the ability to retain maximum dexterity. Materials that are not only soft but also durable in the snow can help you keep your feet protected. Special insole designs also allow users to move freely on the skis without fear of tripping.

That’s why it’s best to look for a pair of heated socks made with materials designed specifically for winter sports, like Merino wool, Spandex blends, Thermolite®, Thinsulate®, and Acrylic Wool Blend as well as other proprietary synthetic fibers designed specifically for warm winter sports such as insulated hiking boots.

These materials will give heat while still allowing movement without any chafing or irritation caused by thicker fabrics found in some ski gear.

Remote Control or Bluetooth With Your Phone

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The best heated socks will come with a remote or allow you to use your phone with BlueTooth to control your heated socks. Set it on either full-hot or low-warm, depending on how chilly you are.

If you’re worried about bringing your phone with you, there are battery-powered versions that can be set to start up when you hit the remote. This lets you carry around just a remote (which many models have) instead of a clunky phone that could easily fall out of your pocket and into some snow.

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This is helpful if you tend to find yourself taking off one pair of gloves just to take pictures, answer texts, or check who’s following you on Instagram without taking your gloves off in frigid weather.